Bridal Makeup – The Hottest Trends Decoded

For a bride to be, 2017 is turning out to be an exciting year, simply because of the fact that there are interesting bridal makeup trends coming to the fore- and artists are more enthusiastic than ever to experiment with these trends to achieve makeovers that are no less than stunning. Provided below are a few bridal makeup trends that are ruling 2017 and will continue to do so till the rest of the year. Are you looking to ace the hottest bridal makeup trends this season? So, if you’re planning to tie the knot soon then make sure that you are embracing these trends. Get a credentialed Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi on board in order to be duly guided in this regard. Let us get on with the trends as such. The foremost trend to have surfaced in the bridal makeup scenario is natural hair. Time to let your natural waves do the talking. Over-styled fussy tresses are certified passe! Don’t worry about that frizz. It can always be tamed with a little bit of effort – of course – without compromising on your natural texture. Settle for simple, fuss-free polished updos-super chic and trendy! Your hair is ready to rule the bridal look this season! A thorough skin care routine is necessary. Start off with a light but regular regime. This should start at least three weeks ahead of your wedding. You need not run to the parlor every day. You necessarily aren’t required to pick up the most expensive products arbitrarily. In this regard, you should be guided by an experienced artist offering Bridal Makeover in Delhi. Pave the way for that flawless skin because that’s always a trend! An infallible one at that! Thanks to a whopping 71% spike in Pinterest searches, berry lips are in this season! All you brides to be out there – get Insta ready with those luscious lips of yours! Not exactly touted as a traditional bridal favorite, berry lips are actually generating all the right vibes this season. Round off your look with a matt finish liquid lipstick. Though it quintessentially bleeds less but it will stay with you for a longer time. Your makeup artist (if he or she is acquainted with the latest bridal trends) will unfailingly go on to suggest dewy skin. Why? Quite simply because it’s in. Make sure you are asking your makeup artist about the product which s/he thinks will be the best for your skin. Even if you are doing your own makeup, you should be prudent enough to find about the right product from a credentialed makeup artist. Are you listening? Only when you are actually taking the trouble to get in touch with a qualified makeup artist, will you be able to ensure that you are right on track as far as following the makeup trends are concerned. Do take the trouble to research credentials thoroughly as such and you are sorted. Make sure that you are actually looking up more such trends to prepare for your D-day!