Lighten Up: Getting and Maintaining a Whiter Smile

When you turn on the television or when you open a magazine, what is the common theme among all the celebrity pictures? The classic movie star smile: white, bright and perfect. It is the look we all aspire to but few of us have naturally. How do we get those blinding smiles and, once we do, how do we keep them sparkling? If you are curious about teeth whitening in brooklyn, you’ll want to take note of the different options to get and maintain whiter teeth.

Whiten Your Teeth

Our normal daily activities can take a toll, making your teeth look dark and dull. The first step to brighten the look of your teeth is good oral hygiene. Brushing regularly and having scheduled dental cleanings will keep bacteria and stains at bay. If that still isn’t enough to get the look you want, having a professional whitening procedure may be what you need. An in-office bleaching procedure is the quickest way but can be more expensive than other alternatives. Another good option is whitening gels and trays. Though you can get over-the-counter gel and tray whitening kits, they will not be as effective as what you can get from your dental office as the peroxide content will be much lower for the OTC kits.

Maintain Your Smile

Drinking coffee, tea, wine or even eating berries can stain the enamel of your teeth. Avoiding some of the darker colored, staining foods and drinks is a good way to maintain that smile you’ve invested in. However, it’s hard to abstain completely from the things you love, so combining them with other foods known to fight stains can mitigate some of the impacts. Dairy products like cheese and yogurt, along with fruits like apples and strawberries, can help to keep your smile bright and shiny.

A beautiful smile may not be something you were born with but it doesn’t mean you can’t have one. There are many options available now to not only get that movie-star smile but to keep it.