No more Signs of Ageing!

As the age declines the youth and the youthful skin also declines slowly and steadily. Immunity becomes low and the body becomes prone to many diseases. Life can be difficult and give you reasons to be stressed with signs of ageing. Some of these signs of ageing on the human body and skin are- i. Grey hair ii. Skin wrinkles iii. Under eye dark circles iv. Dark Spots v. Knee Pain These symptoms arrive with time and can be really annoying to see. The changes we see in the skin are usually depressing and can take a toll on our health. Check out certain ways to reduce the effects of ageing on the body and look better, feel better. 1-Grey hair- White hair or grey hair are really embarrassing and can give you tough times. Stress, lack of melanin and lack of nutrition can be the other causes of grey hair other than ageing. How to get rid of grey hair- i. Go for Ayurvedic treatment like applying amla paste on the scalp. ii. Henna can also be used to condition and colour the hair. iii. Eat more of amla and citrus fruits. iv. Reduce stress with exercise and body massages with essential oils. v. Regular oil massage with natural oils. 2-Skin Wrinkles- Wrinkles are small folds on the skin that cause shrinking layers on the skin. It is not easy to deal with skin wrinkles if proper measures are not taken at the proper time. How to get rid of wrinkles- i. Take some honey and apply on the face and neck. Keep it for few minutes and rinse. This remedy can help a lot. ii. Make a blend out of sandalwood oil, jasmine essential oil & geranium oil. Massage with this blend daily. iii. Use a natural anti-ageing night cream to give the relaxing treatment to the skin at night. 3- Under Eye Dark circles- These dark circles can really make you look like a scary ghost if not taken care at the correct time. How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes- i. Apply almond oil daily on the dark circles. ii. Take 8-9 hrs. of sleep. iii. Reduce stress and perform sweating exercises. iv. Use a Best under eye cream that is enriched with vitamin e oils and fruit extracts. 4- Dark spots or skin pigmentation- Skin pigmentation occurs when the skin colour becomes dark and uneven at certain places on the skin. The skin tone becomes very different and face looks really strange with such spots. How to get rid of dark spots- i. Apply lemon juice with a cotton bud to lighten the dark spots. ii. Use tea tree essential oil mixed with little coconut oil on the spots. iii. Apply a tomato cut into two halves on the dark patches. 5- Knee Pain- Paining joints can give you immovable life. Sometimes the pain goes on to such an extent that it becomes unbearable and doctors might suggest surgery in such cases. How to get rid of knee pain- i. Give some exercise to your knees. Ask a doctor and then go ahead. ii. Lose some weight to reduce the pain of the knees. iii. Take enough of vitamin D, protein in natural form like eggs, walnuts, almonds, etc. iv. Massage the knee joints with essential oils. Keep Smiling Be healthy!