The sun is the leading emitter of blue light; however, the same blue light is produced by our screens as well and is dangerous for our eyes. Exposure to blue light can make your eyes age permanently, which means that you are putting your eyes at risk whenever you are looking at a mobile or computer screen.

There is nothing to worry about as SmartBuyGlasses has got you covered. You can buy SmartBuy Collection blue light filtering glasses at a relatively low price of £6 for a frame. Get yourself blue light blocking glasses to reduce the threat of blue light rays.

Both are a good option for those who spend an extended period in front of a screen. These are people who work on a computer or relax in front of a screen, such as watching T.V. or gaming. If you are doing both, then you need both to protect your eyes.

What Blue Light really is?

Our sun emits rays made up of different colors, including Orange, Red, Yellow and Blue, and Green. Each ray of light is different and varies in energy, and has a unique wavelength. These rays of light have a much stronger wavelength than the rest of the colored light rays.

Exposure to them is very harmful and harshon the human eye as it can easily get to the retina of our eyes and greatly threaten your eye health.

Benefits of Blue Light:

It might come as a surprise, and there are benefits to blue light despite the common belief. A little bit of blue light helps you in improving your memory as well as your mood. Not only this, but this light helps your body to regulate your sleeping patterns and help develop children’s eye health.

But considering that unnecessary exposure to the same blue light rays can be dangerous, it should be avoided to spend an extended period exposed to these rays.  It can lead to your eyes being digital eye strain and is a growing threat. The symptoms of this include difficulty in sleeping, dry eyes, and frequent headaches.

In the worst possible scenario, it might affect your mental health. Therefore,it is advised to take good care of your eyes, especially when using blue light sources like mobile phones, desktops, and T.V.

What is ZFORT?

ZFORT™ blue light block is basically a coating done on any kind of lens to protect you from exposure to blue light. This coating is able to filter blue light wavelengths in the range of 380nm to 500nm. The technology has recently been introduced by SmartBuyGlasses and is proven to be effective in protecting your eyes and your general health.

By getting blue light blocking glasses, you can enjoy your screen time free and don’t have to worry about getting your eyes damaged. The benefit to using ZFORT is that it is able to turn any glasses into blue rays’ blocking glasses. Not only are they stylish and look good, but they also protect your eyes.

You do not have to be on a prescription from a doctor to have them get non-prescription glasses. By doing so, you can protect your eyes from blue light.

Reasons you should Invest in ZFORT:

Still not convinced, here we have mentioned some extra features of ZFORT™ that might help you. These features are essential to avoid straining your eyes and keep your eyes healthy and out of harm’s way. It also lets you enjoy your time freely and uninterrupted.

  1. ZFORT™ protects you from blue rays and is essential for people who are working on a laptop/ desktop, or game or watching T.V for relaxing.
  2. Spending a lot of time in front of screens leads to continuous exposure to blue rays. By doing so, you are increasing the risk of straining your eye. With ZFORT™, you can avoid this.
  3. Protecting yourself from digitally strained eyes means that you can reduce the chances of permanently damaging your eyes and have a better sleep at night.