Breast Cancer in Women

Breast Cancer in Women Invasive cancer in female worldwide18.2% of all deaths from cancer worldwide including both males and females are from breast cancer. Breast cancer in women usually starts off in the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply them with milk and this malignant tumor can spread to other parts of the body unlike the common myth that a lump is the only indication of breast cancer there are multiple symptoms that can help in correctively seeking advanced diagnostics and medical help at an early stage. Warning signs of breast cancer vary from woman to woman and there are some cases where symptoms don’t show up at all even in mammography scans. Anyhow let’s see seven major early signs of breast cancer. 1. Pain and the breast Chest pain or discomfort in the breast or chest area isn’t a good sign. It can be a sharp pain that comes and goes or a mild electric sensation that went from left breast to my right nipple grass tumors can take many different forms and one being the pain experienced in these areas. 2. If she breasts this symptom is primarily associated with inflammatory breast cancer and is often undetected. You’d be surprised to know that how many women inflammatory breast cancer spend months visiting the dermatologist only to be sent home with creams and medications for a rash. 3. Pain around upper back shoulder and neck area and some women Breast cancer is felt in the back or shoulders rather than in the chest or breasts. For this reason spine specialists routinely look for the presence of tumors when treating chronic back pain which is not relieved by physical therapy. The pain which is typically in the upper back or between the shoulder blades is easily confused with sore muscles apple tendon or ligament or osteoarthritis of the spine. 4. Changes in breast shape size or appearance Contrary to popular belief not all breast tumors cause a hard lump close enough to the surface to be noticeable instead of feeling along. Some might notice that one of their breasts seem more oval than the other hanging down lower and sort of sticking out to one side because this change is visible and the appearance rather than feeling. Your partner may notice it before you do or you might become aware of it as you put on your bra or look at yourself in the mirror. 5. Change and nipple appearance or sensitivity One among the most common locations for breast cancer is just beneath the nipple. This can cause changes in the appearance and feel of the nipple you may notice that one of your nipples sticks up less than it used to or it might have become inverted flattened or indented. Women with breast cancer often noticed a decrease in nipple sensitivity which is most likely to come to your attention or your partner’s attention during sex. 6. Swelling or Lump in Your Armpit Any pain in the armpit is assigned to check the area carefully a lump under the armpit is likely to be hard and attach to surrounding tissues. So it doesn’t move when you touch it or tissue may feel thickened and dense. Compared with the armpit on the other side like a sore or tender spot under the arm you may also feel a lump though not necessarily affected lymph nodes may feel swollen or tender or develop a lump. Before a tumor is big enough to be felt in the breast itself in some women the swelling is more prominent under the arm or up under the collarbone. 7. Red swollen breasts If your breasts feel hot or look reddened, you might suspect an infection such as mastitis. But these are also signs of inflammatory breast cancer it’s as if your breasts have a fever, they may feel swollen or the skin and underlying tissue may feel hot or look red or even purple. So these are the seven major early signs of breast cancer do take a note and consult your doctor.