Great Opportunities for the Proper Dental Maintenance

What are we guided by choosing a toothpaste in a supermarket or pharmacy? Of course, advertising, promising instant relief from all the shortcomings, whether its sensitivity or plaque, gum disease or darkened enamel. Immediately comes to mind a fashionable name, inclines to choose in their favor and a convenient, beautiful packaging, and some listen to the advice of friends. And only the most conscious of us know that your personal dentist should recommend your dentist who, like no one else, is familiar with your dental problems and will help you choose the products that will help you and not hurt you in the sea of ​​assortment.

Reading The Life

Who has ever read in his life what is written on the tubes of toothpaste, he knows that they are hygienic and therapeutic and preventive. But since the majority of the adult population of the planet suffers from certain diseases of teeth and gums, then they need to apply those pastes that have a curative effect.

  • Hygienic pastes are suitable, as they say, “for the whole family”, they are universal, have a pleasant taste and aroma, but they pursue only general hygienic purposes, are free of medicinal additives and exhibit a weak antiseptic result. Treatment-and-prophylactic pastes, in contrast to hygienic, contain various biologically active drugs that affect the entire oral cavity. D
  • Depending on what type of paste is used to control which problems, it can be supplemented with herbal preparations, with the content of vitamin C, chlorophyll – from seaweed, extracts of well-known folk medicine of chamomile, propolis, eucalyptus, calendula, mint, possessing proven astringent, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing properties.

To date, there are many pastes with multivitamin complexes, and also pastes with the addition of salts and minerals that perfectly dissolve the plaque, nourish the enamel and eliminate the unpleasant odor. Under Lanette Sikes you will be having the best deals now.

Back in Action

Triclosan was first synthesized in 1965 and the principle of its action is the blocking of the work of the enzyme that creates the bacterial wall. The wall is not formed and the bacteria die. And harmful and useful at the same time, which does not benefit any environment, In addition, many pathogens adapt to triclosan. In some, this substance causes an allergy, and, according to the results of the research, the constant use of it can cause a violation of the hormonal background of a person. An even stronger antiseptic, which is part of the toothpaste, is chlordexidine.

The Components

Both components have an anti-inflammatory effect and are designed to fight inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (periodontitis, gingivitis), with plaque, deposits, stones. The effect of triclosan, for example, persists for 1-2 hours, but pastes with a prolonged action of the component preventing the growth of bacteria to 12 hours have already appeared! If you use paste with strong substances, do not forget that dentists do not recommend using them for more than 14 days.