Benefits of Root Canal Therapy in Lindsay

Many people believe that root canal therapy is one of the worst dental treatments to endure. However, the truth is that the treatment is not that bad, and it provides the patient a number of benefits. Obviously, it is nothing you are going to pick as an elective treatment, but if you are dealing with an infected tooth, there are several reasons why you should be open to root canal therapy. Do not disregard the procedure immediately after your dentist in Lindsay brings it up. You should seek to understand its benefits so that you can make an informed decision.

Reduce Pain

Many people do not know that root canal therapy is not really a painful procedure. Actually, it is more known for pain relief than for the little discomfort it causes. An infected tooth will cause you constant pain since the nerve in the tooth is under pressure and might be affected by acid or anything else resulting from the infection. The therapy involves removal of the nerve so that it does not cause any more pain. The space is then filled with an inactive material that cannot experience pain. Moreover, you will be sedated during the procedure, which eliminates any significant discomfort.

Stop Infection

This therapy eliminates infection and prevents it from spreading to other parts of your mouth and even body. An infected tooth is a serious health risk, as the infection can spread to other teeth or your jawbone, causing even more pain. If the infection is left to get worse, it can even spread to other organs.

Preserve Your Tooth

When you have an infected tooth, there are only two options for stopping the infection: tooth extraction or root canal therapy. Extraction leaves you with a gap that will need to be filled using a partial denture or a dental implant. The other option allows you to preserve your natural tooth. Following the therapy, your dentist in Lindsay will use a filling to restore your tooth to full function.

Restore Your Smile

Infected teeth are known to become badly discoloured. The bacteria growing in the tooth and its effect on the tooth’s pulp causes the discolouration. The discolouration resulting from infected teeth is very visible since it often turns deep brown or black. Teeth whitening techniques might not help remove this discolouration. The therapy gets rid of the infection, which prevents your teeth from discolouration. In case the infected tooth is already discoloured, your dentist will cover it with a dental crown to keep your smile bright and beautiful.

Choosing a Dentist

Once you have understood the benefits of root canal therapy and decided to undergo the procedure, you should choose a reliable dentist in Lindsay. Do not settle for the first dentist you find. Instead, carry out some research and compare a few dentists before making your choice. Ensure that the dentist you choose has helped other patients in your situation before. You can verify this by asking him or her for before and after pictures of patients who have undergone the same treatment in their office.