Most Common Questions to Ask Your Dentist

All over the world, it is common for people to have anxiety when visiting a dental clinic. This is why people often have that “get in and get out” mentality during a dental visit. With your lack of communication with your dentist comes the detrimental effects to your oral health. The truth is that any dentist Yarrawonga would love you to ask questions, which include the following:

Why is my tooth or teeth painful?

When you experience toothache even though it is random and minor. It’s crucial to ask about the pain rather than assume that it will subside soon. The pain may be caused by a severe cavity or a simple tooth sensitivity. The dentist must be able to help you determine the root cause of the pain. At times you might think it’s the tooth that’s causing the pain when in fact it’s the gums.

What are the causes of tooth decay?

Most patients don’t really know what causes tooth decay especially when they don’t have much sugar intake. You may be doing every precautionary measure you can think of yet still experience tooth decay. By asking the dentist why you have tooth decay, you will know how to prevent it.

Is it possible to stop grinding my teeth?

A dentist can easily tell if a patient grinds his or her teeth because of their unusual wear and tear. However, this may not always be the case. It’s important for you to ask your family doctor or your dentist why you grind your teeth whether you are asleep or even when you are awake. A dentist Yarrawonga professional will be able to take a positive approach to resolve the teeth grinding and ensure that your smile is protected. This can be done by giving you a mouth guard or recommending therapeutic activities.

How can I resolve teeth sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity is one of the common dental problems that have been normalized. However, this condition must always be reported to the dentist. The dentist should also inform you about how to keep it under control. The dentist must be able to recommend products that may help with the condition such as the use of a special toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

Are there some lifestyle changes that can help promote oral health?

It is usual for people to ask their family physician about lifestyle changes to promote physical health but it’s not common for people to ask their dentist the same question to promote their dental health. You have to bear in mind that your oral health is directly linked to your general health. You can tell your dentist about your current habits and ask about your current oral health. You may tell your dentist about your normal diet and oral care practices.