N95 and Surgical Masks are Mandatory to Save a Person from Any Infection

The outbreak of the H1N1 virus in 2009 forced everyone to wear a mask. Mask isn’t only to save one from infections or viruses that are airborne, but it also helps at the workplace. There are many industries where hazardous chemical fumes and dust particles are emitted, which can be harmful if inhaled wearing a mask saves employees from inhaling and damaging their respiratory system. N95 respiratory masks are the most popular series that are frequently used in industries to protect from dust as well as large and small particles.

Even in health care facilities masks are mandatory when any medical staff visits a patient. These masks are disposable and are called surgical masks. They are changed while visiting every new patient. These surgical masks are made with fluid-resistant material. It protects the patient from the wearer’s respiratory emission.

If you have seen in dramas and movies, patient’s families, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff visit those wearing blue surgical masks in ICU. This is done to save patients from any kind of infection that can happen through droplets. Therefore, surgical masks and N95 masks are equally important. Medical staff uses N95 masks as well.

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N95 masks are tested and approved by NIOSH to be safe for people. However, the CDC recommends that during COVID19 crisis people should use cloth coverings and leave N95 masks for healthcare facilities for critical situations. It is an important supply that has to be used by medical practitioners. A simple cloth covering the face will also help to avoid exposure to the virus.

Here are some differences between the surgical mask and N95 respiratory mask –

Surgical Mask

  • It is approved by the FDA.
  • It is fluid-resistant that protects from splashes, sprays, large droplets, and other hazardous liquid chemicals. It also protects patients from the wearer’s sweat, saliva that may contain any infection or virus.
  • The surgical mask is a loose fit that allows a person to breathe and air circulation is proper leaving behind no traces of sweat.
  • Since it is loose fitted, therefore it doesn’t protect the wearer from smaller airborne particles.
  • It is disposable, thus cannot be used many times a day. One the purpose is solved, then it has to be thrown away to avoid any contamination.

N95 Respiratory Mask

  • It is tested and approved by NIOSH.
  • It reduces the chances of exposure to small pray like particles and large droplets.
  • It fits tightly on the face which gives no chance for air to move in or out, but it also contains a valve which makes it convenient to breathe.
  • The tight-fitting doesn’t allow any particles or sweat to move in or out of the mask. Thereby keeping the wearer and other parties safe.
  • It should also be discarded after one use, but generally, some of them are washable. So you can discard them when you see dirt, bloodstains, damages that deform its shape, doesn’t seal properly.

NIOSH approved N95 mask and FDA approved surgical mask hold equal importance. They both are respiratory masks that protect from viruses, cold, infection, hazardous chemicals, and its fumes and small and large particles. The need for a mask is mandatory nowadays, still WHO suggests not staying dependent on just a mask, but also following other protocols like washing hands in every 20 minutes, sanitizing everything, and maintaining six feet of physical distance.