Here Are the Reasons Why You Need to Consume Powdered Greens


A combination of green plants that have been dried and blended together provides this green powder. The powder helps one to score healthy vitamins and minerals. The ingredients of this powder differ with the brand. However common ones include spirulina (algae), wheat grass. Chlorella, kelp, pineapple, kale, beets, green tea extracts, and ginseng. Most brands also have pre and probiotics and also the digestive enzymes. They are good when they are mixed into your beverage of choice as they boost your health.

Why you need to take these Powders

1. Boosts one’s energy levels

Get in your greens and your body will be put back to balance. It reduces acid overloads and also increases your intake of healthy alkaline-forming elements. Your body gets the nutrients easily from the foods one eats, and thus there is a quick surge of your energy. It is excellent for anyone having constant run-down or feeling tired. It raises your energy levels almost immediately.

2. They are versatile

For long, powdered greens are often blended in smoothies or added to drinks. This is perfect as it is a fast and easy way to take in greens and also masks the taste with other ingredients too. The options and endless when it comes to incorporating it in your diet. You can add some to our pancake batter or even eggs for a delicious meal. Also, the powder gives a nutritious punch to mousse, soup, hummus, and salad dressing.

3. Are convenient

One of the biggest factors is the biggest advantage of supplementing your meals with these powders. It is also recommended that use at the same time throw in some fruits and vegetables to your diet; it is obviously hard for squeeze in the healthy nutrients from the greens every day. Therefore, the greens powders remain to be the best way to ensure that your body still gets these nutrients.

4. Powders are easily absorbed giving your body the most nutrients

If you opt for the high quality, powdered greens, then your body will be getting highly bioavailable greens. The powders get your body a concentrated dose of minerals, vitamins as well as antioxidants. It allows you to maximize the health benefits from the greens as it works almost immediately in your body.

5. They prevent chronic diseases

The dark leafy greens are excellent for promoting health. They are a good source of a myriad of vitamins and minerals. Dark leafy greens are also rich in antioxidants as well as carotenoids. These compounds are good for deactivating free radicals in the body. They prevent oxidative damage to the cells keeping you healthy. Most powders are made using the dark leafy greens and are cited for benefiting the heart and preventing cancer. They reduce the risk of blood clots, cholesterol levels, regulate triglyceride and help prevent cardiovascular disease. They also promote healthy cell division and spur cell death of cancer cells. These nutrients also inactivate carcinogens. Whipping up a batch of kale salad daily seems so impractical however powdered green seems to be the only solution if you are to enjoy the benefits of these greens.