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Drug rehab centers or rehab clinics are the facilities providing treatment for substance addiction. These rehab centres have their own personalized blend of therapies to treat various substance addictions recoveries. These many types of alcohol rehab and drug rehab centres offer different treatment methods, levels of care, and rehabilitation environment.

Types of rehab centers/clinics:

There are two main types of these rehab centers:

  • Outpatient drug rehab centre:

These centres provide addiction treatment only; they do not accommodate their patients. These centres offer various levels of outpatient care:

  • Outpatient rehab programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Substance abuse counselling
  • Partial hospitalization programs

All these levels require less time commitment, and it is based on addiction treatment that prolongs on several days in a week for a few hours each day. Time dedication is also flexible depending upon the recovery rate of the patient. Recovering individual can continue his/her education, job, and other commitments while in treatment.

  • Inpatient drug rehab centers:

This is a place for addict individual where he/she can live while receiving addiction treatment.

This on-site treatment is the best option for almost every kind of addict to recover fast. This place brings out the person form the triggers in everyday life. These rehab centres provide a range of options from a residential environment with luxuries of the rehab centre to the sterile hospital setting. These drug/alcohol rehab centers have both kinds of options provide a home-like feel to the addict that makes them feel comfortable and relax during their stay.

Working style of rehab centers:

The aim of rehab centers is to help an individual overcome addiction. These rehab institutes not only work upon the effects of dependence on the body, but they also heal the mind and teach the individual to live without substance abuse. These rehab centers design comprehensive rehab programs based upon the addiction type, duration, and severity of it.

These programs start form detoxing removes the body of addictive substance to end the physical dependence on alcohol or drug. Treatment of addiction is the next step that involves dealing with mental health issues. Addiction treatment involves different therapies and ancient remedies like:

  • Art therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Yoga
  • Recreations and sports
  • Music lessons
  • Thai chai (TEA)

Quality rehab centres also offer dual diagnosis treatments for people suffering from other mental disorders, along with addiction.


Reputed rehab centres/clinics like ‘’The Recovery Trust.’’ are run by trained professionals who have command to deal with substance abuse and addiction. These rehab centres design personalized type of rehab plan for every single addict in which they use:

  • The best treatment type that fits for an individual addict
  • Variety of therapies options
  • Proper care that also includes after treatment care
  • A comfortable and relaxing environment to enhance the inside positivity of addicts.

At ‘’The Recovery Trust.’’ patient gets individual care that nurtures the body, spirit, and mind of an addict. This residential rehab facility assures the 100% recovery of their patients in the most natural and everlasting way.

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