2 Types of gym exercises that you should include in your routine

There are ample reasons which put forward a view that gym exercises are greatly benefiting for your health. These help you stay active, sleep easy, avoid stress, as well as stay fit. However, these exercises keep your life healthier and more robust even though you still need to know some exercises that you should do in the proper way to get all the benefits.

To get some ideas about the best exercises that can regulate your healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to go anywhere else but go through this article thoroughly, and you will get some best ones that you can do at any age of time.

Let’s get to the list of exercises!


  1. The very first exercises that you can at any time of your age are pushups. These are some of the most basic yet most effective gym exercises that you can do to your daily routine.
  2. Here is the way that you can choose to do pushups:
  3. Plank position is the best and most authentic way to start up with pushups. You should keep your core tight, pull back and down your shoulders and keep your neck neutral.
  4. Next, bend your elbows and begin to slowly lower down your body towards the floor. In this position, extend your elbows and return to the start. Maintain your focus to keep your elbows just close to your body during all the movements. It would help if you tried to complete 3 steps of as many reps as possible to get the most out of your pushups.
  5. Note: If you cannot find it easy to perform a standard pushup as mentioned above, you can also settle down for an easier way; bend down to a modified stance to your knees. This way, you can still get a lot of benefits out of your pushup routine.

Dumbbell Rows

The second exercise that you can do to keep yourself fit and healthier is dumbbell rows. This strengthens your muscles present in the upper body. However, it would help if you kept in mind to choose a moderate-weight dumbbell that will help you get the benefit out of the exercise without putting on additional strain on your muscles.

Here’s is how you should do it:

  1. Take two 10-pound dumbbells and hold them in each hand. This weight is perfectly suitable for a beginner.
  2. Make a 45-degree angle with your waist to the ground. Be careful not to arch your back. Your arms should be hanging straight down, and your neck should be in line with your back.
  3. Keep your core engaged.
  4. Start with the right arm.
  5. Bend your elbow and start pulling the weight straight to your chest.
  6. Be mindful of engaging your lat, and stopping the hand movement right below your chest.
  7. Then, repeat the same process with your left arm. This will become one rep. You can repeat the same process 10 times for 3 sets in total to get more benefits.