Myths About a Personal Trainer You Really Need to Know

One of the first things that is the biggest myth when it comes to your personal trainer is that they don’t always eat healthy. Not every meal that they enjoy is chosen to ensure it’s health values. While they do focus heavily on living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, they understand that going out with friends on a Saturday night is something to be enjoyed and appreciated. While they do tend to make healthier food choices, they don’t always eat the healthy option, they do sneak in their chocolate or a delicious meal now and then. The next thing is that they don’t live their lives consumed by fitness. They live normal lives with families and friends. Not everything they do is fitness orientated. They also enjoy relaxing in front of the television or spending an afternoon at the mall. Not everything they do is fitness based, they are normal people with a passion to help you reach your fitness goals with ease and confidence. You will also find that they don’t exercise every single day. Everyone needs a break now and then, in fact too much exercise can be bad for you and slower your results. Ideally you want to meet your personal trainer three times a week to achieve a good result. Based on your goals and your fitness abilities, your trainer will recommend the number of days you train, but bear in mind that they also take a day or two off, you cannot train every single day. A myth that so many people believe when they meet personal trainers is that they are always in top shape. They never have the flu or sustain an injury from training. Maybe they have put on a little weight of their own. It’s important to remember that not everyone can be in perfect shape all the time, you are going to have your days when you aren’t well or maybe you’ve pulled a muscle. It’s normal. You can’t expect your personal trainer to be in top shape all of the time. Another myth is that all personal trainers have always been fit and healthy. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Get to know your personal trainer. There are many that were overweight, some even obese. They got themselves into shape following a healthy diet and good exercise routine, which prompted them to follow a career in personal fitness. They use their experience and their past weight issues to motivate and support their own clients to help them improve their fitness and achieve their goals in the long run. The funniest myth you may have heard about personal trainers is that they never have a bad day. They will always be in a good mood. It is understandable that now and then your personal trainer may not be as chirpy as usual. They will provide you with the finest service and have a laugh or two, but you just know something is off. Don’t worry, these professionals will provide you with a motivating, fun and supportive training experience, whether they are having a good or a bad day, that you can count on.