5 Excellent Reasons to Buy New Fitness Software Now

How happy are you with the software used for your gym or yoga studio? If you have to pause before answering, that’s a good sign investing in something new would be a good idea. Consider these five reasons that former mindbody clients decided to make a switch. One or more of them may apply to you.

You’re Attracting a Lot of New Clients

The last year or so has seen interest in your studio increase quite a bit. More people are visiting and ultimately signing up for classes or memberships. That’s put additional stress on some of the software and app features, especially the ones your clients use to register for classes and sign up for other events. Instead of continuing to plod along with that mindbody scheduler, consider investing in a new program that is more robust and accommodates a greater number of users at any given time.

You’ve Reached the Limits on Creating Custom Reports

The current program came with some basic report formats and at least some ability to customize them. Unfortunately, you need a report format that cannot be created. The only recourse is to download the information into some other form and manually arrange the data to your liking. That takes time you would rather devote to other aspects of the business.

New fitness software that comes with greater flexibility in report formatting would save a lot of time. Why not see if a different program would allow you to design and save report formats that you will use regularly?

Your Clients Have Difficulty Signing In and Out

One of the beauties of using fitness software is that your clients can log in and check their accounts when they like. It’s also possible to send them notifications about upcoming events, reminders to renew memberships, and even make it easy for them to register for classes or personal training sessions. If they have trouble logging in, that can mean they miss out on some great opportunities. Find a software program and app that has a better track record of being stable and easy to use. Your clients will welcome the change.

The Software Increasingly Freezes at the Most Inopportune Time

Nothing is quite so frustrating as trying to access information for a client and finding the software stops working. It’s even worse when the client is right in front of you and really needs that information now. If this sort of thing seems to be happening more often, take that as a sign to find a new program. You, your staff, and your clients will be a lot happier.

You Think There May Be Something Better Out There

While you are not unhappy with the current software, you hesitate to recommend it to other business owners. That’s because there could be something better out there. The only way you will ever know is to look around and try something different. You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the great programs on the market today, and how they make operating the business so much easier.

You don’t really need a specific reason to compare fitness software programs. The desire to compare programs is all it takes. Try one of the popular products today and see what you think. It could be just what you need to keep up with your growing business.