Things to Do Right Now for a Healthier Week

One week of a healthy lifestyle can break the vicious cycle of an irregular routine. Instead of making long-term plans, take one week at a time to do things that will yield healthier output. But how can one break the chain of unfit habits? Well, it is easier to achieve the goal of leading a disciplined life by getting the ball rolling in one week. Make a weekly routine using these tips to meet the high expectations.

#1 Make A To-do-List For The Week

Plan the week keeping all the work commitments and personal engagements in mind. Wake up early and go to bed on time. And eat a lot of healthy food and make time for exercises. Keep small intervals of snacks instead of planning a wholesome meal. If possible, dedicate some time to cooking as well.

#2 Exercise Daily In The Morning

Exercise for at least half an hour after waking up to have a little warm-up. Go on a jog or do some cardio to energise the body. Exercising makes our brain and body active to take on the action-filled day.

#3 Try Detox Water Recipes

There are a dozen simple detox recipes to try flushing out all the toxins! Try some of them during the week to stay hydrated and cleanse the system. Add some mint and basil leaves to increase their nutritional content.

#4 Skip The Extra Calories

Ditch the calories for a week and cut down the consumption of carbs too! Have oats instead of fried snacks. Regulate a well-planned diet plan with the help of an expert dietician’s tips.

#5 Eat Leafy Vegetables

Add leafy vegetables in every possible meal and dishes to increase their amount of consumption. Eat spinach and lettuce salads or use them in other delicious recipes with less oil. We often tend to ignore veggies for the lip-smacking taste of animal protein!

#6 Enjoy A Fruit Salad Daily

Fruits are full of antioxidants and vitamins. Instead of cupping on some packed juice, try preparing a simple fruit salad with kiwis, tangelos, guava, apples, and grapes. Try watermelons and lichee during the summer season.

Plan the week by incorporating these activities in a weekly plan and see the difference. And to make an effective diet plan, click here Get all the essential information and dietary tips on one page to adopt healthy habits. After all, ditching junk food is not a bad idea!