Trend round-up: 5 styles we love for 2020

We’re used to everchanging trends in the fashion world, but over recent years this has transpired to the home.

Every year we seem to stumble upon different styles that are suited for the present-day – and today is about summarizing some of the top ones.

We have collated a selection of links which summarize the top home trends for 2020 – and possibly beyond.

Floral wallpaper

Decades ago, floral wallpaper was a big thing. Then, it crashed out of fashion.

Well, it’s certainly back now, and our friends at House Beautiful are showing exactly how it’s done in their excellent guide. Are the rules the same as half a century ago? Absolutely not. There are some similarities though, which make for interesting reading (hint: there’s a big emphasis on bold, tropical prints).


Kitchen islands (with a twist)

As we all know, kitchen islands have now been around for some time. However, there has been a slight twist over recent times, with cantilevered islands making a name for themselves. In short, this provides all of the benefits of a kitchen island, but with a smart seating area.

This is something that can cement this room as the focal family point of a home – as the link from Homedit highlights.



One could almost pen an entire dissertation about accessorizing. It has become a hot topic in interior design circles and due to its scale, for the purposes of today we’ll just focus on one area of it – flowers.

Avas Flowers are our source of inspiration, and they show some amazing examples of how you can add color and energy to your home courtesy of their Avas Flowers social media page. In short, the more color the better – and that’s even if you live in a home which is attempting to stick to a neutral decor scheme. Flowers are the exception to the rule.


A blend of old and new

It was once unheard of. In other words, households were either modern or traditional – there was never any crossover.

Suffice to say, things are changing. Layering old and new is a hot trend for 2020, and this article from Real Homes shows how to pull off the look to maximum effect.

Of course, you can’t throw any decorations together – but the link covers all of the finer details.


The era of the dark door

For the last couple of decades, we have been used to light (usually white) doors. It supposedly oozed modernism and was a relatively budget-friendly but effective look.

Now, things are changing. We are welcoming the darker door, which adds great warmth to a setting and provides it with a wow-factor which has perhaps been missing for some time. Pinterest sums the trend up perfectly in the link below.