Bones provide support for your muscles and protect internal organs. Strong bones encourage your involvement in social activities such as sports, including baseball and rugby. Healthy bones will always carry you through hectic days, and enable the children to participate in physical activities, including running, playing hide-and-seek, climbing, and jumping. Decreasing bone mass may lead to osteoporosis, a disease that causes the weakening and thinning of bones. Bones weakened by osteoporosis becomes fragile and can lead to fractures.

Men and women above 35 years lose their bone density by 1 percent each year. But for women, bone density loss increases to 2-3 percent after three to five years of menopause. Athletic performance is dependent on your bone strength, muscular durability, and overall health. To know more about how you can increase the bone-intensity, read the below-given points.

A Green Platter: Vegetables are vital for strengthening your bones, as leafy greens contain vitamin C, promoting the production of bone-forming cells. Some studies suggest that the antioxidant properties of vitamin C may protect bone cells from damage.

  • Vegetables increase the bone mineral density that is also known as bone density. Bone density is the measurement of the right amount of minerals and calcium found in your bones.
  • High intake of green vegetables during childhood is directly linked with increased bone mineralization and maintenance of bone mass for adults.

Strength Training & Weight-bearing Exercises: One of the best activities to trigger the formation of new bone cells is high-intensity or weight-bearing workouts. Studies show that older men and women, who have kept themselves engaged in high-intensity exercise, have increased bone mineral density. One study has found little improvement in the bone density in older men who have performed high-intensity exercises for nine months. Strength training practices are not only beneficial for muscle gain. It also protects both young and old alike from osteoporosis.

Choose the Right Supplement: Health supplements or health boosters are naturally or artificially produced substances that promote health benefits. Testosterone boosters support a hormonal balance for men and help maintain perfect bone-health. A man suffering from hypogonadism has the risk of bone fractures; therefore, testosterone therapy and health drinks will enable him to enjoy a fit lifestyle.

  • Vitamin D and K are essential for building strong bones. Nearly one billion people of this world have a vitamin D deficit. Foods such as fish, liver cheese are sources of necessary vitamins. Get yourself out of the house and enjoy the warm sun on your body, as soaking up in sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D.
  • MK-4 and MK-7 are the two common forms of vitamin K2. Eggs, liver, and meat are a good source of MK-4, whereas fermented food such as cheese and natto are also resources of MK-7.

Regular workouts can help you to increase bone density naturally. High-intensity weight-bearing sports such as jogging, running, stair climbing, weight lifting, dancing, and playing tennis will help you build and maintain strong bones. Low-impact exercises such as aerobics and walking are an alternative for people who cannot perform complex physical activities.

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