How Cell Phones Destroy Our Lives and Ways to Beat the Effects

Cellphones have a way of distracting us. They can be a boon or a bane in our lives. The distraction can be a good thing if we are only looking for a little relaxation away from the hard grind at work and stress. But, it can be bad if we are using it to completely escape the real world.

We need self-control when it comes to cellphones. We must limit ourselves from using them too often. These mobile gadgets are useful, but they ultimately pose a threat to our lives if we are not careful. We should not let them control and take over our lives and should be able to let them go when we need to.

There are other things cellphones do to us that could destroy our lives, such as the following:

Bad Posture

Our body bends to see the screen clearly. This strains our neck and kills our back. In the long run, it may cause a long-lasting deformity or back pain. Other areas affected by this are the shoulders and arms from holding up the cell phone. But the worst of the brunt will fall on our back, especially when we have poor posture while using the phone. We must immediately correct this to avoid stiffness and body pain. We should always observe and pay attention to how we sit, stand and walk. Our shoulders and back should be straight, and our head level.



Lack of face to face interaction

When we are so caught up with our phone and social media, we tend to substitute real-life human interactions with the phone, believing that life exists in our phone. But, the truth is that we really need face to face interactions because talking to a real person can give us comfort, meaning and a sense of well-being.

Living in virtual reality

Some of us use the phone as a form of escapism or to live a double life. Sometimes, the virtual reality and the identity we create online is better and a more improved version of ourselves. That’s why we want to live virtually, which is ultimately a lie and it is just a facade.

Radiation damage

We can get radiation through our phones and if we receive a high dose, it could kill us. This is even more dangerous for people who use their phones for long periods of time.

These are just but a few of the long-term effects of getting addicted to our phones. That’s why we must find ways to stay active and healthy and it starts by keeping ourselves away from our phones. Here are the other things you can do:

  1. Go out with friends. Your friends are already a great distraction. You get good company and get to keep yourself away from the phone.
  2. Find a hobby. Change your ways by taking up a hobby. Go try something you have wanted to try for a long time but have kept putting off.
  3. Eat organic food. Healthy organic food will give you the boost you need every day to live an active life.
  4. Get cell phone radiation protection. This will decrease your chances of getting radiation from your phone.

Now, you can take your life back to live a healthier and a more fulfilling life.