Too old, too fast: The basic habits which are aging you

First and foremost, growing old is something that we will all have to put up with. Scientists are still lagging behind when it comes to the creation of a magic pill that can slow down this process – so the onus is on you to stay on top of it.

Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do in this regard. No, for the purposes of today we are not focusing on Botox, but instead some daily habits that can preserve your age and perhaps fool a few eyes about you real age. Let’s now jump into some of these habits to get on our way.

You don’t prioritise your oral health

One of the first things that you start to suffer with as you get older is your oral health. It becomes more and more difficult to practice that gleaming smile- your teeth will have most probably be stained through the years, while your gums can recede as well.

It means that staying on top of your oral health is of the utmost importance. Brushing at least twice per day is essential, while turn to porcelain veneers if you think things are starting to get beyond repair.

You drink through a straw

Next on the list is something that might sound utterly ridiculous, but experts believe that there is something about drinking through a straw which actually piles a few more years onto your age.

In some ways, this goes against the previous point about your teeth. After a, using a metal straw with the likes of coffee can prevent them from staining. However, turn to a straw too much and you’ll find that small indentations start to be found on your lips – and this can be seen as a sign of aging.

You rely too much on central heating

Staying on the theme of points that almost sound ridiculous, bear with us for this next one. While central heating is something of a godsend in the cooler months, it’s also something else that can wreak havoc with your perceived age.

Why is this the case? Well it’s actually dry heat which is emitted through your system. Unfortunately, this has particularly bad effects on your skin as it can dry it out. This has the knock-on effect of prompting wrinkles and all sorts of other effects that scream out “aging process!”.

You binge on fad diets

As we all know, something that has become more and more common over the years are fad diets. The lure of attempting to shred your weight in record speeds often proves too tempting for most of us – only for us to fall off the wagon a few weeks later.

Well, these diets tend to result in all sorts of implications for your skin. A lot of them rob your body of essential fats, meaning that your body is racing to retain moisture. Ultimately, you again start to look older than your birth certificate describes.