Try Out These Home Remedies For Flu Symptoms!

It is great to have a few home remedies for the flu symptoms in place each year around the beginning of the flu season. These viruses start to roll up like clockwork each year around the beginning of Oct and frequently stay until April. A few suggest taking the flu shot each year for warding off infection, particularly when it comes to the older. If you also have caught the flu, then here’re a few home remedies that can surely ease the suffering.

Herbal Home Remedies:

  • Mustard:

The early Romans utilized it as a remedy for the chest colds and flu. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Take one tablespoon of dry mustard and combine with one egg white, three to four tablespoons of flour, and warm water for making a paste. Take on a clean hankie and spread the mustard paste on it. Then simply apply it to your chest every few minutes.

  • Peppermint:

If you have a high fever, peppermint tea can assist in helping to cool the head. It has menthol, a decongestant that assists in unstuffing such clogged sinuses.

  • Thyme:

It assists in the upper respiratory tract by simple loosening mucus and stopping bacteria from settling in. Just make a thyme tea by mixing one teaspoon of thyme leaves to boiling water. Allow it to steep for some time and append a little yummy honey.

Dietary Home Remedies:

  • Honey

If you have a continuous hacking cough, try a bit, honey. The Chinese have utilized it for centuries as a remedy for coughs. Simply mix one tablespoon of honey with a hot water cup and a lemon juice squeeze. Honey acts as an expectorant, which assists in the mucus flow.

  • Lemon:

The lemons’ acidic properties assist in eliminating the bacteria from the mucous membranes. Lemon oil has anti-inflammatory antifungal and antibacterial properties. The oil also acts as the expectorant. The great method to fix it is placing one chopped lemon with skin into a boiling hot water cup. While you allow it to steep for some minutes, then simply inhale the steam.

  • Broth:

Chicken or beef broth will assist in providing nutrients you require and keep the body hydrated. It’ll also assist in liquefying the mucus secretions.

These are some home remedies for the flu symptoms that you can utilize for help in getting you back on track throughout the cold months of the flu season. If you are interested in knowing more, then feel free to check out this new health podcast interview.