5 Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Your health is highly important, so as you age it can be concerning to notice problems with your genitalia and overall health. As men age, they may experience issues with testosterone and how it regulates functions of the body. TRT for men can help treat these symptoms and get your life back to normal. Some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone have been outlined below – keep them in mind and keep an eye on your own health.


One common complaint of men with low T has been fatigue, or decreased levels of energy. If you’re tired all the time, even after getting a full night’s sleep, then you may need to speak with a medical professional. The fatigue of LT is so severe it can impact your motivation to get started with the day or exercise.

Low Volume of Semen

The hormone regulates semen production, which is what keeps sperm fertile and healthy. Doctors will often notice that one symptom of low T includes a decrease in semen volume when ejaculating. This problem can cause issues when trying to have children with a loved one and make pregnancy more difficult to achieve.

Erectile Dysfunction

Along with regulating the sex drive of men, testosterone also helps maintain erections. This is not the only thing that helps, but it is plays a role in the production of chemical reactions that cause erections. When levels are low, erections may be difficult to achieve and maintain during sex. However, there are plenty of other medical conditions that could cause this issue as well, such as diabetes and alcohol use.

Loss of Hair

Testosterone plays an important role in several of the body’s functions, including the production of hair. While balding is natural in men over time, if testosterone is low then facial hair as well as other hair on the body can be lost as well.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Testosterone also plays a role in the body building up muscle, so if your hormones are out of balance you may notice that muscles seem to decrease in mass. While this may be the case, there is no decrease in your strength or how well these muscles function.Pay attention to your body and look for signs of abnormalities in the way your body functions. You don’t have to be paranoid that everything means your testosterone is low but being aware of abnormalities can give you a chance to speak with your doctor about the symptoms you witness and what thy could indicate. For further testing, visit a medical professional to confirm your hormone levels and recommend treatment.