Everything You Need to Know About Urgent Care

Urgent care can be easily confused with medical emergency. Whereas a medical emergency needs urgent medical attention and it is life-threatening, urgent care concerns illness or injuries that are not life-threatening but can’t wait until the next day.  Urgent care wy clinics handle or rather treats conditions such as cough, slight injuries, sore throat among others.

Why Visit an Urgent Care First and Not a Hospital?

Suppose you cut your finger with a knife, you will need to be nursed as soon as possible. You might have the option of seeing your primary doctor or even call 911. It is not worth it because urgent care centers are made to handle such issues and they are everywhere across America.

Hospitals and their emergency units are always busy handling life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks and serious injuries. If you opt to go to a hospital, as much as you might get the treatment you want, you might end up waiting longer than you could have if you went to an urgent care center. In addition, you might spend more and even deny room for patients who are facing more serious medical conditions.

Urgent Care Does Not Handle All Medical Conditions

If you have a medical emergency such as seizures, serious head injuries, you could visit an urgent care to stabilize you. However, it is highly recommended that incase of such a situation, you should head straight to a hospital because they have the capacity to handle such conditions.

Urgent care does not beat the purpose of having a primary doctor or physician. After your situation has been handled, you will still need to visit your primary care physician.  This is due to the fact he or she is the one responsible for your extensive health care.

Recommended Time to Visit

Well, it is common knowledge that an urgent care is busier during dinnertime and morning since most people visit them after work and before going to work. Therefore, the best time then to visit could be mid-day. Having said that, you can’t control the time when illness invade but if you can, mid-day and late morning are the ideal time to visit.

They Treat A Wide Variety of Medical Conditions

Urgent care centers handle wide variety of services and treat many types of illness. Be it cold or flu, shallow cuts, cough etc. Some of them are equipped with x-ray machines and they could scan you in case of fractures and other related conditions. You will be perplexed by what they can do.

Quality Services by Qualified Medical Practitioners

Well, if you are sick and you call in, they won’t turn down your call. They will listen to you and even ask you to visit the urgent care for the qualified nurse practitioner or assistant physician to examine you well. The nurse practitioners and assistant physicists are supervised by the urgent care physicians. Summing up, urgent care centers are everywhere and if you like it or not, urgent care is now part of our lives. It plays a huge role as much as healthcare is concerned and that fact can’t be overlooked.