Is Menopausal Period Painful? Ask The Right Specialist!

A menopausal period naturally occurs in the changes and development stages of a woman. Naturally, a woman experiences during adolescence where the menstrual period starts. Physical changes and development may occur in the woman’s body. Many have said that the menstrual period feels the same way as the menopausal period. Anyways, nobody can say that this claim is true unless a menopause specialist can discuss the difference between menstrual and menopausal periods. As a woman, you need to understand the difference between menstrual and menopausal periods before claiming that both have the same signs and symptoms.

Differences between menopausal and menstrual period

Menopause is a period when a woman stops her menstrual period. During this stage, the ovaries stopped releasing egg cells and produced more estrogen. Menopause is diagnosed within 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period. Once a woman has skipped or stopped menstruation within 11 consecutive months, it can’t be diagnosed as menopause. Whilst, menstruation is a period wherein normal vaginal bleeding occurs. It naturally occurs in the monthly cycle of a woman. A woman’s body prepares for pregnancy. Menstrual can be painful if there is a problem with the woman’s uterus while menopause is naturally painful. Therefore, women who experienced the menopausal period should expect that pain will be experienced.

Can the pain caused by menopause be treated?

Yes, there are treatments to manage the pain caused by menopause. Some debilitating symbols caused by menopause can be treated. See a menopause specialist to help you manage, lessen, and treat the pain. There are effective and safe treatment options available. There are signs and symptoms that you should understand to know if it is a menopausal period or not. It is important to understand that a woman is in the menopausal transition. Tests are not needed to diagnose a menopausal period. However, blood tests many check the level of the following:

  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone

There are also over-the-counter home tests that you can use to check the FSH levels in the urine. It tells whether the FSH level has elevated and might be in menopause or perimenopause. FSH levels may rise and fall during the menstrual cycle. Thus, it is important to know if you are undergoing a menopausal period or not. If you experienced some signs or symptoms, it might be a false alarm. Therefore, it can be helpful to distinguish that you are experiencing a menstrual period or menopausal. The menopausal period is natural and a woman should not be afraid or scared if they skipped months of the menstrual cycle. But, if it occurs during the early stage like in the 20s, then you must worry. It is not natural and not normal for a woman to experience menopausal at an early stage.