The Benefits of Professional Whitening Treatments in Calgary

Honestly, why is it that all celebrities seem to have perfectly arranged and gleaming white teeth? What is their secret? Well, in case you are tempted to think so, it’s not that they have superior oral hygiene. If anything, if you look at photos of them before they were celebrities, you will notice their teeth were stained. The secret to their currently gleaming white teeth is teeth whitening in Calgary. Yes, that charming and endearing smile that melts your heart is artificial and you can get one, as well. However, instead of using teeth whitening home kits, you should prefer professional whitening done by your family dentist. Below are some reasons why professional whitening is beneficial.

Brighter results

Most over the counter teeth whitening products promise impressive results. Unfortunately, most do not work unless the teeth stains are mild. And here is the thing: to make these home kits cheap and easy to use, manufacturers include a low concentration of whitening agents.

Most home treatments contain about 3% peroxide, while professional teeth whitening features up to 35%. With such strength and power, professional whitening products can get rid of the most stubborn stains, yielding brighter results.

Complete treatments

Home whitening kits usually are a one-size-fits-all solution. They work under the assumption that patients have the same whitening needs and the same jaw size. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The standard trays included in the kits will fit some mouths and not others. And the worst bit is that you’ll only know if it fits after making a purchase and trying them on.

With a professional kit, your family dentist will make trays designed to fit your mouth. Snug fitting trays ensure the whitening gel spreads evenly, yielding a consistent bright smile.

Reduced risks

Whitening is not a comfortable experience (at least not for everyone). Most persons who undergo teeth whitening treatments experience sensitivity and some slight discomfort. In some cases, whitening agents damage the gum and compromise the strength of the enamel.

But with professional whitening treatment, your family dentist will cover and protect the gums from the whitening agent. Additionally, the whitening is conducted at a controlled pace. This reduces discomfort and prevents over-bleaching during and after the procedure.

Lasting results

Most home kit whiteners take time to yield results. And even when the results manifest, they are short-lived. The fleeting results are as a result of weak whitening agents. When you visit your family dentist for teeth whitening, the starting treatments will rid your teeth of stains. Once you achieve an optimal shade, the dentist will provide you with kits to maintain the shade. With the maintenance kits, your smile will remain brighter for longer.

Patient education

Though you are free to choose any whitening treatment to use, experts recommend that you follow professional whitening recommendations. Your dentist can help you identify the cause of the discolouration and set up a whitening plan that will reflect your teeth whitening needs. Additionally, if traditional whitening methods cannot help you achieve the desired results, your dentist will recommend suitable alternatives.


Teeth whitening in Calgary has caught on like wildfire. And while you can do it in the comfort of your home and save money in the process, the results obtained are not comparable to those of a professional. Make a choice to use professional whitening treatments today and enjoy lasting results.