What is arthritis and what are natural remedies to overcome it?

Arthritis is commonly considered to be an illness linked to age. It is thought that the elderly people get painful joints and bones due to workload and that is said to be arthritis. Well it is a misconception because this disease has more than 100 different kinds and people of all ages can have it. It is a disease that is linked to work and around 54 million people in USA are suffering with arthritis and chronic pain, knowingly or unknowingly.

You would be delighted to know that the arthritis pain could be subsided with the slight changes in your lifestyle and you would feel a change and comfort in your whole life with the help of it. You would find that the stiffness and swelling of the joints would also become better for you.

If you, or someone you love, is suffering from the pain of arthritis, sharing these lifestyle tips with them, would ensure a pain free and comfortable life.

  1. The first thing about fighting the arthritis and joints pain is to stay active and to keep moving. Practice the exercises and workouts that you feel comfortable with. it is better to ask your health care advisor as to which exercises you can do easily and which not.
  2. Take rest whenever you feel like you are tired and your energy is getting low. You can ask someone to help you with chores and with your work as well but there is no need to over exert yourself to such a level that your joints start yelling out of pain.
  3. Since the pain in the joints is often referred to as inflammation, you can take a healthy diet in order to make sure that there is no inflammation. Although there is no specific diet that is known to reduce inflammation, still, studies have shown that taking plenty of fruits and vegetables can reduce the effect of inflammation in you.
  4. Since the joints ache with this disease of arthritis and chronic pain, if you get overweight, you are going to hurt your joints even more. Therefore, a healthy weight maintained for the body, can reduce the pain caused due to arthritis. This does not mean that you have to follow some crash diet plans, all you have to do is to maintain a healthy weight by eating healthy and controlled portions of food.
  5. Although meditation is not a part of medicine, still the health specialists believe that meditating every day for some time, can reduce the effects of chronic pain in the body as well as it can give you a better and positive life.
  6. The massage techniques when used with the consultation of your health specialist, can also promise decrease and ease in chronic pain caused due to arthritis. A massage, once a week for around an hour can be something very effective for your pain.