What is pole dance and what are its benefits?

New gymnastic activities, such as Tela and Pole Dance, have been gaining more and more followers in the country. What are the main physical and emotional advantages of practicing these disciplines that defy gravity?


Practicing pole dance fitness NYC helps you in lose weight, especially when combined with other exercises to burn fat. In a single class, the student can burn between 300 and 500 calories, since they combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises, resistance and strength. Like all physical work, as long as one does it frequently and moderately, it helps maintain a good state of bodily health.


The training combines exercises of strength, endurance and flexibility. From the first classes the first thing to be worked on is strength, giving the amount of exercises necessary in a moderate way to acquire it. In parallel, the resistance is worked, especially in the heat inputs. With respect to the work of flexibility, it is given at the end of the class since in this way it is possible to perform a proper stretching of the muscles, helping to eliminate physical toxins from a physical activity and fundamentally helping to prevent injuries and improving the elasticity of the muscles.

Both activities work on elongation, to reduce body tension. Different stretching movements are incorporated as works of trunk flexibility, either towards the front or back (arch), different leg openings (sagittal, frontal), flexibility works on the corporal torsions, arms, hip opening, works posture, brassieres, work on the feet (insteps), among others, allowing to improve the line and body postures. These disciplines also add to the coordination of movements and balance.


The ability to acquire gymnastic skills improves the confidence of those who practice this activity and, if they do so frequently and over time, they will feel more healthy, attractive and rejuvenated.

In addition to contributing to the modeling of the figure both male and female, this discipline generates endorphins like any other exercise, which makes the practitioner feel good.


The Pole Sport is different from the artistic gymnastics only because instead of doing it in a fixed bar it is done on a vertical bar, then all the acrobatics performed in the bars are similar, of high level of complexity and technical sum, elegance and precision . Although it is still considered a practice of nudist clubs, the incorporation of Acrobatics, Chinese Stick and Artistic Gymnastics techniques made it a high performance sports activity with beneficial numbers.