What are the effects of depression and anxiety on your daily life?

Anxiety and depression are very common mental health conditions that a large percentage of people across the world are experiencing. There can be many reasons for these two mental health conditions and the best treatment for these are counseling and therapy. You can easily find a therapist near you, for example, Christian Counselling is the place where you can find all the solutions to your depression and anxiety problems.

There are several effects of depression on your daily life because when you are depressed, you feel sad and you do not want to do anything, you do not want to get in touch with anyone and you do not want to enjoy life at all. It is best to get rid of all the depression of your life in the time before it gets too late. Sometimes, people just fail to know that they are suffering from depression or anxiety but if you know the effects of these two on your life, you would be able to identify them and then treat them as well.

  • Low mood and feeling of not liking anything
  • The sadness lasts longer than two weeks
  • Change in sleep patterns and sometimes you do not get to sleep at all
  • The feeling of loss and failure all the time
  • You do not want to meet your friends or family at all
  • You feel stressed all the time
  • You are irritated all the times
  • You feel tired most of the times
  • You don’t feel hungry
  • Nausea and headache are a usual thing
  • The thoughts of suicide are always around you

A little anxiety at some specific event is normal and is healthy, for example, if you are getting late for some very important meeting and you are stuck in a long traffic jam, it is just natural to get anxious to reach your destination.

When you have depression and anxiety captivating you all the time, you feel less motivated to accomplish your tasks, you feel sad and lonely and you might not want to continue further in your career.

During all these phases, the negative emotions engulf you and you always want to get away from everything that brings you back to life. This is where you seriously need help and counseling can be helpful for you.