How to define drug and alcohol abuse and suggest treatment?

Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are not good for health, damaging both the mind and the body. It needs treatments immediately to stop from being progressive. Here is content that will define drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug abuse- overview, categories, causes

To define drug and alcohol abuse, one must know that drug abuse is often known as substance abuse and is referred to as the use of certain chemicals. They are responsible for creating gratifying effects on the brain. There are rising cases of drug abuse across the globe, and the problem is increasing daily.

Drug abuse causes many long-term and short-term effects on the body and mind, as well. But there are also drug addicts who use needles to take drugs. They are at higher risks of HIV other infections like Hepatitis B and C. Visit for more information.

  • Categories

There are three categories of drug abuse. These includes:

  1. Depressants
  2. Hallucinogens
  3. Stimulants
  • Causes

There are many causes of drug abuse. They are:

  • Due to peer pressure or curiosity
  • Drugs that have the intention to target relieving from pain turned into an addictive drug
  • Chemicals for the use of rituals or religious practices
  • Creative inspiration
  • Recreational purposes

Alcohol abuse- Overview, Causes, Symptoms

Misuse of alcohol is also known as alcohol abuse, and this is a very serious problem. This problem involves consuming alcohol in a huge amount and also frequently. When you drink alcohol too much at a time and throughout a week, consider yourself suffering from alcohol abuse.

The issue with alcohol abuse starts when one cannot stop consuming it. Eventually, you become unable to continue working or be active in other areas. One becomes physically dependent on alcohol due to alcohol abuse.


There are many causes of alcohol abuse. Some of the causes are:

  • Peer pressure
  • Depression
  • Will to relax
  • Anxiety
  • Unhappiness
  • Family history
  • Self-doubt
  • Loneliness
  • Tension


There are many symptoms of alcohol abuse. They include:

  • One feels guilty post-drinking
  • Unable to stop drinking once you proceed
  • Not able to be active at home or work under the influence of alcohol
  • Opted for stopping alcohol but cannot control after few days
  • You admit you need to cut back or stop
  • When your hands are shivering
  • When others claim that you have an issue
  • Your relationship is having issues because of your drinking habits
  • Hiding of alcohol
  • In case you are depressed

There are serious effects of alcohol on the mind and body of a person. It can result in causing cirrhosis also. Under the influence of alcohol, injuries, and deaths are rising day by day. If one opts to drink alcohol while pregnant, it can result in causing damage the baby’s health.

Consuming alcohol regularly can cause bleeding ulcers and also damage the stomach’s lining. It can also increase body weight, cause bad breath, make you feel dizzy and sick, and break out your skin.


Addiction is progressive in nature, so it needs immediate treatment before they turn into something life-threatening. There are many treatments available for drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Here is a list of treatments:

Drug abuse treatments

  • Continuos caring
  • MAT or medication-assisted treatment
  • Talk therapy
  • Rehabilitation

Alcohol abuse treatments

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medications

Drug abuse and alcohol abuse is extremely injurious to health. One must seek treatment at the right time to prevent the brain and the body from getting hampered. The problem with drug and alcohol abuse is increasing daily, and it needs to get controlled immediately.

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