What to Look for in a Supplement Manufacturer

In the corporate world, a solid foundation is key. You won’t be able to build a strong home with a weak or shaky foundation. This same principle holds true in the nutraceutical sector, too.

Regardless of how promising or innovative your supplement ideas are, your business or product will struggle to thrive. Hence, choosing the right supplement manufacturer is important for every aspiring brand.

With the market experiencing growth rapidly, new facilities are popping up almost everywhere, resulting in increased skepticism and caution. So, it would be best to navigate the landscape to avoid disappointments carefully or being taken advantage of. If it is your first time to search for a supplement manufacturer, here is what you should focus on:

1.     Research and Lab Facilities

Before you commit to any manufacturer, consider asking for a tour of their facilities. You shouldn’t just ensure they are well-run and clean. You must also make sure they pay more attention to their research and laboratory facilities.

When touring those facilities, make sure the staff uses current procedures and equipment. Choose a manufacturer that goes beyond manufacturing to pursue development and research opportunities, especially if you are looking to grow your business.

2.     Consider Quality Control Procedures

In order to manufacture quality products, your manufacturer should ensure the quality of their supplement formulation and creation. You would want to ensure which supplement formula is in place to test and guarantee the final product’s longevity, efficacy, and quality.

That is where understanding the manufacturer’s certifications may come in handy, as they can give you a peek into what third-party or governmental regulations facilities abide by. In order to have a true and full review of how a manufacturer handles quality, you would want to pay the facility a visit and audit the entire process yourself.

3.     Turnaround Time

Find out how short or long a manufacturer’s turnaround time is. The shorter it is, the better. You would want to tie your business capital in an inventory, which can’t sell.

Always remember that if you want to stick out, restock. The faster a manufacturer gets the product out, the better.

4.     Specialization

Like large industries, supplement manufacturers usually specialize in a certain kind of product. Some concentrate on vitamins and capsule-based products, while others focus on manufacturing protein powders or plant-based products.

Finding a supplement manufacturer, which shares a similar focus is important in manufacturing supplements that align with your business vision.

5.     Label Compliance

Every brand must make sure their labels are FDA-compliant and accurate. However, the best supplement manufacturer can update you with all the changes by monitoring the current regulations.

If updates are required, the best manufacturers may bring it to the attention of the brand and improve the formula to remain compliant. This support will help remove pressure from your shoulders throughout the production process.

To Wrap-Up

Choosing the best manufacturer for supplements takes research and time. While there are many supplement manufacturers you may choose from, it would be thoughtful to investigate and research so you make the right decision on what can meet your needs best and whose supplements can align with the values of your business.