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You will only find medicines which are approved by Indian FDA. If you look at the page of this pharmacy and read the FAQ section then you will come to know that all the medicines are delivered in blister packs which is unlike the packaging of branded medicines. Most importantly, the active ingredients in both type of medicines are same which make them equally effective. Review only deals in generic medicines. This is the reason why medicine is not in their stock. You can order Generic Cialis as it is in their stock and is available at $1.9 per tablet. There are some hot selling medicines at Legal Online Pharmacy including Zolpidem 10mg, Rivotril 2mg, GenricSoma500mg, Oxydcodone, Hydropconone and many other famous brands as well. This online pharmacy sells medicines under different categories that include Pain Relievers, ADHD medicines, sleeping pills, ED medicines and weight loss pills.

The payment process set by this online pharmacy is pretty simple. You can either pay through Visa or MasterCard. Earlier, the online store used to give the payment options through PayPal, America Express and Discover, but these options seem to be unavailable now.

The shipment of medicines is carried through Express shipping. Once you place your order, it will be delivered within 10 business days. charges $30 for the shipment/delivery of every order. In case the order is delivered after 10 days, then the pharmacy delivers it for free.

In case customers need to contact any representative of this online pharmacy, then he can only send messages to them and then can wait for the whole life for the reply as it never replies back. This is the most annoying and disappointing point of this online pharmacy. It shows that it does not give value to customer satisfaction.

In case you want to know the reviews of customers, then you will find mixed reviews. But most of them will be negative and dissatisfying. All in all, make sure that you place orders for buying medicines only when you are sure about the high quality of product and customer service. It is the matter of your health, which cannot be ignored or given less value. Therefore, do not go for cheaply priced medicines. try to choose that drugstore, which assures you on the delivery of effective medicines at competitive rates. In this way, you will end up curing your problem without facing any other health challenge.