Reasons why so many people are taking resort to text therapy apps like Talkspace

In case you could compare all the leading online counseling service providing companies at the present moment, you would definitely find that Talkspace is the best destination for people who look forward for happier and better lives. This is nothing to be surprised about as TalkSpace has been mentioned several times in the online media. As it is true that TalkSpace doesn’t reveal any kind of statistics about them, it was way back in June 2016 that TechCrunch noted that more than 300,000 users use this app as the best possible online therapy solution.

If you’re someone who seems to be intrigued by such text therapy apps like TalkSpace, you can read this review by Take a look at the different advantages that you may reap by seeking help of TalkSpace.

  • Anonymity makes it private

Talkspace offers total anonymity but they have recently altered their model in a small way. The change that has been brought in will ask you some emergency contact details. TalkSpace will protect your privacy to their best that they can and this is of immense help to the clients.

  • They are open to sharing media

Did you know that you’re allowed to send audio, videos and photos when you work with the therapists in the chatroom? This is a rather cool feature and you can add faces to the names which you’ve discussed with your therapist. You can also get access to all sorts of conversation easily from the computer or from the phone.

  • An appointment never gets wasted

There are times when in the conventional counseling session, you will not find anything to say and there will arise difficulty in rounding up the 50 minute session. On the contrary, if you speak through text, you will find lots of things to speak as then 50 minutes will not be enough. With regards to the text therapy, there are no limits and you can talk as much as you can.

  • Convenience

This is one of the biggest advantages of seeking help of TalkSpace as you can get access to therapy, anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to worry about having to schedule an appointment in person for 50 long minutes and you also don’t need to worry about getting there on time.

Therefore, whenever you’re suffering from any mental health issue, you can seek help of this text-based mental health therapy app like TalkSpace and resolve all your issues on time.