Signs of your Eczema being infected

Atopic Dermatitis commonly known as Eczema is a condition of skin that is marked by red, itchy and inflamed skin. People suffering from eczema are vulnerable to infection as the skin barrier becomes weak. Due to scratching the skin gets disrupted and making an open way for the microbes and other foreign particles to enter.

Children are more prone to Eczema infection due to their continuous scratching damaging the layer of the skin. Hence, they need to be provided with more care as the infection can be life threatening.

The major culprits in setting up the infection in Atopic Dermatitis are the microbes such as Bacteria, Fungi and Virus.

The bacterial infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus are most common among the microbes. Fungi such as Candida and virus like Herpes Simplex Virus also makes the life of eczema sufferer difficult causing serious infections.

Diagnosing Eczema infection is not always straight forward and the symptoms are very different from those of the Eczema. Its very important for the people suffering form eczema or their carers to get familiar with the conditions of infection so that they take right actions at right time to avoid further complications.

When an Eczema gets infected it worsens with eczema spreading all over the body making it difficult to control and heal.

Signs and Symptoms of Infected Eczema

  • Eczema worsens as the inflammation of the skin peaks with red and hot appearance
  • blisters, ‘boils’ and cysts with red or yellow colour spots possessing pus appears in  eczematous lesions
  • pus (often yellow or green) flows out of the skin
  • Skin becomes very painful as you have cut all over your body
  • the person gets exhausted with very tired and unwell feeling
  • Sudden flaring of eczema all over the body.
  • Lesions become sore and painful in Eczema Herpeticum.
  • A person with infected eczema will also experience extreme Itching and burning
  • The person may experience more severe symptoms including fever, chills, aches and fatigue, in more advanced cases

If a person suffering from eczema notices such symptoms, he should seek medical attention immediately to avail proper treatment to cure Eczema Infection.

As it always said that prevention is way better than cure one should follow the care plan and keep records of triggers to Manage Eczema as precautionary measures by managing eczema as  to avoid infection but once infection breaches the barrier do not hesitate to visit physician.