The Perfect Choices for the Home Care Companies Now

The home care companies are entities providing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service to people in situations of dependency, the elderly and their families. These companies provide coverage through home help services (SAD) and telecare. In the former, different options are offered such as home care (personal hygiene, support in daily living activities, cleaning…) or personalized or hospital accompaniments. Telecare is a service that keeps the person in continuous contact with qualified personnel to meet unforeseen events.

Differences between informal and formal caregivers

There are home care companies that have professionals from different disciplines to carry out the health care work. Normally, these professionals work at home alternating with informal caregivers. Their work is defined as “care and attention mainly by family members and relatives, but also by other care agents who dispense in an altruistic way to people who have some degree of disability or dependence”. They usually perform tasks of help in activities of daily living, support in solving problems or emotional support.

Instead, formal caregivers are professionals trained to perform different tasks. They provide services to people in a situation of dependency in their home and their environment. This option offered by home care companies, allows a break in the work of informal caregivers. A necessary respite for the people who care, who usually do it, during long daily days of constant attention.

Why has this service emerged?

This service has arisen due to the need to improve care for people in situations of dependency. For example, many older people live alone. Most have support to solve day-to-day issues. But a part of them need help to perform some daily tasks. This service provides you with this help.

The home care service provides personalized attention to the elderly

Another of the great benefits of home health care agencies near me is that it does not work with closed service packages. This is a personalized service according to the needs and requirements of the elderly and their family.

So in each case you can decide the hours and hours of work and the tasks of care, attention, accompaniment to the elderly or the sensory stimulation that are performed during it. If the family needs a home care service for hours, or, an intern to care for the elderly or if they need to combine personal care with household chores or not. Anyway, everything is done based on the needs of the person who hires it.

The home care service can be specifically designed to meet the needs of the elderly and their family. But it doesn’t have to be immovable. It can be adapted as they change. This is always important, but especially relevant in the elderly with degenerative diseases in advanced states.

It allows the care of seniors with lower health risks

In an investigation carried out with people over 65 registered in the dependency registry, it was found that the care of the elderly at home reduced the risk of death. Specifically, it was found that the increased risk of dying in residential care grew by 52% compared to the elderly served in the home.