The Reasons Why Must Consider LASIK Eye Surgery

If you no longer want to wear eye glasses or contact lenses yet want clear vision then the best option you have is LASIK, a refractive eye surgery procedure. Most people have benefitted from this kind of eye surgery and haven’t regretted their decision.  There are multiple variations in LASIK eye surgery, but all are quite beneficial to have a clear vision.

There are two kinds of laser eye surgery and the most popular one is LASIK eye surgery. The popularity mainly contributes to the easiness of treatment and less post care to be concerned after the Lasik surgery. Most importantly laser eye surgery is the safest way to treat your vision issues. As an Australian native, you can have it done without any worries by contacting the best eye surgeons of PersonalEyes. Here you will be provided all the guidance to help in enjoying successful laser eye surgery.

What is LASIK eye surgery?

This kind of surgery is useful to treat several kinds of visual issues like short sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. The word ‘LASIK’ stands for laser in -situ keratomileusis. The surgery reshapes the cornea to help light directly focus on the retina that is at the back of the person’s eye.


  • It is quite less painful.
  • The surgery is over less than an half an hour.
  • After care is quite easier.
  • Vision is clear.
  • Healing is faster after surgery.

Who aren’t the right candidates for the LASIK surgery?

  • Children and teenagers under the age of eighteen.
  • Not for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers.
  • Patients troubled with chronic aliment thus are consuming higher dosages of medications can’t have the surgery.
  • Individuals having done frequent changes in vision prescription.
  • Some are having thin or uneven corneas, thus won’t be helpful to have the surgery correct their vision fully.
  • They are troubled with Glaucoma and dry eyes.
  • People suffering Type II diabetes.
  • Quite elderly people troubled with arthritis health issues.

How does LASIK eye surgery work?

In simple words, it can be explained that the cornea is reshaped for the light to fall straight on retina. Thus, there won’t be need to wear glasses or fix contact lenses. Firstly, a flap is created on cornea. Earlier few years back it was done with the help of a special blade, Microkeratome.

In the present times, laser process is used to create the flap accurately in few seconds time period.  Moreover utilising laser helps to endure negligible corneal abrasions and no more eye disorder related to astigmatism. Perfect focus of eye is achieved after reshaping the cornea rightly. The underlying layers tissues sticks to the flap thus there is no side issues or the need to endure long period of healing. Some people even experience good and clear vision the nest day of the surgery.

All goes well while your eye surgeon guidelines are strictly followed to wade away any kind of side effects. The pricing of the treatment depends upon the condition of the eyesight, procedure involved, the quality of the surgery and the payment options. To know in detail any time visit website of leading Australian eye surgeons,