Enjoying Your Pregnancy And Delivery

There are a few basic things that you probably already know about so that you stay healthy during your pregnancy. These include no smoking or drinking and getting as much rest as you can. There are a few other tips that you can keep in mind so that you have an enjoyable pregnancy that is full of adventure without a lot of stress.

When you go to your first doctor’s appointment, you’ll probably be asked if you take vitamins. If you don’t then you’ll need to start taking them. Folic acid is important to take for the health and development of your baby and for your overall health as well. The brain and spinal cord of your baby rely on folic acid more than other vitamins that you can take. Iron and calcium are also important as they help with the development of your baby’s bones.

One way to enjoy a hassle-free pregnancy is to relax. Take some time to read a good book, watch a television show or movie that you like, or spend time with your other children before they have a new sibling. You could also take a yoga class for pregnant women or take an exercise class with other moms. When you exercise throughout your pregnancy, it will be easier to manage your weight and can promote better sleep at night. Talk to your doctor about the exercises that are safe to perform and those that you might want to avoid until after you deliver.

Make a birth plan that you can give to your doctor as well as your partner or the other people who will be in the delivery room. This plan should include details about any pain medications that you want to receive or if you don’t want to have any kind of pain medication. You should also make a list of the procedures that you want to avoid. The plan that you make can include who you want in the delivery room and who you might not want. It should also feature details about the best positions that you feel would be best for labor and delivery and some of the things that provide comfort and relaxation.

Do as much reading as you can about pregnancy and what to expect during each trimester. If you know what to expect and what might or might not be normal, then you can have better conversations with your doctor about your body and your baby. Take a few classes about pregnancy and labor as well as parenting classes if you don’t have children. Another option would be to allow other children you have to take a class for siblings so that they will know what to expect.

In order to prepare your body for delivery, practice Kegel exercises. This will help to strengthen your pelvic floor and can help to prevent any incontinence that you might experience after delivery. Try not to do chores around your home that would put you at risk for falling or that would expose you to chemicals. Ask for help when it’s needed so that you have a healthy pregnancy.