The Benefits of Mineral Makeup And Into to Detail

The range of skincare products are categorized into two major segments. They are skincare solutions and makeup. The makeup itself has a huge variety of genres and classifications. Mineral makeup is one of such. Standard makeups also contain dioxides. But mineral makeup is different. The main ingredient of mineral makeup is dioxide. Every other element is an option. Mineral makeup has become popular among fashion enthusiasts these days for numerous reasons. But first we need to understand what does mineral makeup mean?

The material behind the mineral makeup

Iron and zinc oxides are used as main ingredients in mineral makeup range. These oxides are extracted from the earth. So natural resources are into action. The particle formations of the raw materials are grounded to make dusty consistency. The materials that are used in mineral makeup are:

  • Zinc oxide: Works as a sunscreen. It is also anti-inflammatory and rarely causes skin irritation. And it is suitable for all skin types.
  • Iron oxide: It makes the makeup long lasting as it is resistant to moistures. It also creates makeup to match skin different skin tones.
  • Mica powder: For the glowing shimmering effect in your face your makeup need this. It is helpful in creating radiant skin tones.
  • Titanium dioxide: Provides whiteness and opacity in screen. This is natural pigment and odorless in nature.
  • Organic oils: There are different types of organic oils like lemon oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil etc. They have different roles in makeup.

Study has shown that the use of these minerals in makeup started in ancient Egypt. Women used these extracts for eye or skin makeup. This era has taken the utility of mineral makeup to a new high.

Choosing mineral over regular

Regular makeup also has mineral ingredients. But they have many more components as their raw materials. That is why mineral makeup is different. Most regular makeup brands use oils, wax, preservatives and other chemicals. Putting up a makeup with these materials with longer period of time may cause damage to the skin in long run. Oil substances clog pores of the skin. Skin cannot breathe with this. Mineral makeup is lightweight. It produces a refined look for the skin. A good quality mineral makeup kit is free from these. Jane Iredale is a well known brand of mineral makeup. Discover the full range of Jane Iredale mineral makeup products at this website. Another advantage of mineral makeup is that the shelf life is long. Mineral makeup is also known for their coverage equivalent to the traditional makeup without the harmful effects. Mineral makeup can also endure environmental changes. Sudden change in temperature and humidity does not affect it that much. There are many other benefits as well.

Yes cons are there too

Not everything can be best about a certain type of product. As these makeups do not use artificial color or dye, there are less color options to choose from. Due to the natural ingredients these are expensive. Also unsupervised use of natural resources may cause harm for the environment.