Why is rugby great for girls?

Rugby has always been seen as a male sport and involves robust play, but now its appealing to girls more and more as the new go to sport. There’s been a recent boom in how many girls and women are playing rugby, so we wanted to look at why this may be and why rugby is so great for girls.

Rugby promotes equality

Rugby has the same rules whether it’s played by girls or boys. Rugby drills or playing the game itself helps boys and girls compete at the same level against each other. This helps with girls understanding that they can do anything a boy can do.

Self-esteem is boosted

Young girls often lack self-confidence and high levels of self-esteem. Rugby involves positions that test agility, speed, strength and size. All of these skills put together can teach a girl just how unique and powerful her own body can be. Regardless of what their physique or athleticism is, there’s a position for everyone that they can really excel in.

Rugby encourages resilience

Once a game that was deemed too rough for girls, rugby is now teaching them to become more resilient. The game itself is now a lot safer. Plus, if your girls get the right training with rugby drills, their physical resilience can increase greatly. If you are interested in rugby training and want ideas go to go to https://www.sportplan.net/drills/rugby for the latest Rugby Drills.

It’s affordable

Having your kids play sports of course costs money. However, rugby is one of the cheaper options available today. In terms of equipment, it only takes a relatively small investment from you or the school to be able to play. All that is needed is a ball and some sports kit. Everything else is not essential to be able to play.

More empowering for young women

The boosts in self-esteem and self-confidence plus the athleticism involved in the sport all add up to being a really empowering experience for girls. The resilience the game teaches as well as forming a strong support system within the team can really shape the early years of a young woman’s life. With the right training in place, rugby has the power to teach girls that they can be unstoppable both on and off the field.